Why Radon Matters?

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non smokers.

Should You Test For Radon?

According to the EPA, everyone should test for Radon.

Other Benefits

Other than removing radon, a radon reduction system offers several other key benefits.

Welcome to the Radon Finders!

Radon Finders is a fully certified radon testing  and mitigation consulting company.  We are a family owned business and our goal is to help make your home a healthier place to live. We are licensed, insured & certified by the NEHA (National Environmental Health Association).

Should You Worry About Radon??

Illustration of the element Radon Are you in the process of buying a new home or would you like to see if your home is in a “radon problem” zone. Here are some great maps developed by the State of Alabama County Extension Service website. They were developed by State testing and show the percentage of homes in zip codes that are known to have a high radon concentration:

Radon Finders – Radon Testing & Radon Mitigation Services

aarst-logoRadon Finders is a fully licensed, certified and insured Radon testing and mitigation company serving the North Alabama Area. We are professionals, certified the National Environmental Health Association, (NEHA – NRPP), and menmbers of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologist, (AARST).
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